How a dog started the No Kill movement

If ever there was an influential dog, it has to be "Sido." Sido was eleven years old when she was surrendered to the San Francisco SPCA in 1979. In most animal shelters at that time, dogs over five years old didn't stand a chance. Even worse, her owner had just committed suicide and it was written in her will that Sido should also die. Richard Avanzino refused to kill her, and a lawsuit followed that put Avanzino in personal jeopardy. Most people even today would simply comply with the will but Avanzino is no ordinary individual and he embarked upon a legal battle to see this sweet dog that would end up inspiring him to try to save all healthy animals at his shelter and launch a new animal rights movement. When Sido won her reprieve from death the outpouring of support for her had convinced Avanzino that "the public gets it" that is, the public doesn't want shelters to kill healthy and adoptable animals. Interviewing Avanzino for my film "Reviving No Kill San Francisco" was one of the highlights of production. His interview is featured in the historical section of the film and it does not disappoint.

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