No Kill 

Do you know what an open admission No Kill shelter is?  It’s a specialized animal shelter where they don’t kill the animals for time or space and today 10 million people live in communities that have No Kill shelters.


And you’re thinking, I thought animal shelters were supposed to save animals and that’s not true.  2.6 million animals are killed each year by animal shelters. That’s over 7000 animals killed per day in America.


Which leads to the next question of why, why are they doing this?  And there is just no good reason why. They’re doing it because its easy and convenient, its tradition, and its just plain lazy.  


It’s not a money thing, it’s not a process thing, its not a disease thing.  They’re just killing animals because that’s what we’ve always done.  


So we’re trying to change that.  There is an animal shelter in San Francisco, the San Francisco SPCA that started the No Kill movement in the 1990s and it had a lot of public support but people started fighting it—shelter professionals started fighting it—they tried to take down this “No Kill” animal shelter.


"Reviving No Kill San Francisco" explores this topic. We look at this No Kill animal shelter, we look about why people tried to take it down, and their reasons that basically aren’t compelling.


When finished, this documentary will show that the answer is No Kill shelters, and it should be happening in shelters nationwide, but its not, and we’re going to help change that.


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